We decided to design a separate logo for the Hive Sessions that embodies the aims an objectives of the sessions.

The “v” in Hive is illustrated with the peace sign. We aim to assist people to come to a place of peace and rest within themselves.

The ‘Hi’ separated by the peace sign in HIVE, simply communicates ‘hello’, as we aim to provide spaces for people to meet and connect with others face to face.

The left hand of the bee is presented in a boxing glove. The topics we will be touching on might cause a bit of discomfort within yourself. We aim to work with you through the discomfort and equip you with fighting tools to overcome inner struggles and conflicts.

Our first series kicks off with topics that most of us have encountered in the past or are currently struggling with. We will be addressing stress and anxiety management, burn out prevention, addictions, identity and belief systems along with how to foster healthy relationships.

Hope you are as excited as we are about this journey of personal growth and taking ownership of our lives and the direction it is going. I am looking forward to spending time with you at our session.