Photo credit Regan Riggs

Our Hive Sessions promise to be one of the highlights of the BeeConectar concept. A beehive is an organised and strategic place designed for bees to gather and  produce honey. In a sense it allows them to operate in the fullness of what they were created to be for the benefit of society. Our Hive Sessions encapsulates this exact notion. We aim to create several spaces where people can come together and connect with others around a topic; share their thoughts, challenges and victories.

Our Hive Sessions will be managed by Camilla Friend. Camilla obtained a BA (humanities) degree majoring in Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education and an honours degree in Educational Psychology. She currently works as a Registered Counsellor for the Every Nation Church in Stellenbosch.

We are partnering with several community projects on their events. More information on these events and Hive Session will be posted soon.