I had the privilege of working with the Boland Rugby Academy Team in 2013 as a performance enhancement coach /mental game coach and developed and presented personal development workshops.  I worked with an excellent management team who understood and appreciated the importance of incorporating sport psychology as an integral part of the coaching process. As coaching staff we saw incredible results. Our boys played in the finals of their Curry Cup division and showed immense growth,  off the field and an athlete on the field.

Barry McDonald 
Academy Manager, SA Rugby

Dr Joseph was part of the SARU Boland Rugby Academy, situated in Wellington during 2013. Her main focus was to provide emotional support, mental training and mentorship for the athletes in the Academy programme. It didn’t take long for Dr Joseph to gain the trust and confidence of these individuals. The SARU Boland Rugby Academy followed an holistic approach, where off-field performance was viewed as important as on-field performance and the maintenance of a balanced lifestyle was imperative. Components such as Education, Mentorship and Life Skills formed and integral part of the day to day programme and it is also where Dr Joseph made valuable contributions. Often following one on one sessions with the players, Dr Joseph would identify specific personal challenges that some of the athletes would be facing, which did or could influence on-field performance. Thus provided valuable information in order to implement interventions or understand why a player was not performing at optimum level.  There is no doubt that Dr Joseph played a significant part in the success of the SARU Boland Rugby Academy programme during her time involved. It was a real pleasure to work with her. Her professionalism and empathy towards the players and staff was hugely appreciated by all.