I have always been a bit of a busy bee. The consultancy space provides me with the opportunity to engage with current social issues on a wide platform as I provide services and assist organisations across various domains and interests.

I am currently involved in a few Community Networks. One that I am especially excited about is the South African Leadership Network. We provide platforms for people from civil society to engage around topics such as education. Our conversations have elicited creative ideas of practical ways that we can influence the educational system. Natasha and I have been doing lots of ground work in formatting a specific project relating to education. As soon as we have successfully conceptualised  and developed the project, we will add it to our Community Projects section. Watch this space for more detail.

Working with a project such as the Usiko Stellenbosch Youth Development Project has also been a highlight. Their programmes are directed at crime prevention among other. Witnessing their success has helped me to regain my faith in seeing a crime free South Africa. The prevention of crime is a  huge personal issue for me since I have been a victim a few times already. The staff has been open to my ideas and we will hopefully soon expand on some of their initiatives. Lots of exciting things to come.

Spending time with the cricket players has fueled me with passion and excitement. I am impressed by the dedication from Cricket South Africa to invest in the holistic development of their potential pipeline players, especially those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Our athletes, particularly those coming from poor backgrounds, have a lot to deal with. With the support from our sporting Federations in assisting in more than just skill training, I believe that we will see transformation and a level of excellence in our sport teams. Sport is also a conduit to address other social issues and unite the nation as it has done on so many previous occasions in our country. Being able to play a small part in this process is a huge honour.

Please visit the individual pages to read about the services we provide. Working within the domain of Community Psychology provides a framework to encapsulate the various facets that constitute building healthy, safe and prosperous communities.  We need to actively address all areas such as education, safety, sport and others. I am thrilled for the opportunity to holistically engage in efforts to build a better South Africa.