e’Bosch Heritage Project

The Stellenbosch Heritage Day Committee aims to build an inclusive heritage for the future. In  2012 I acted as the coordinator of the School Choir Festival. I had to create opportunities where the participating learners could interact with one another and share their cultural history and practices. This was the first time that such a project was undertaken. Recently in 2018, I joined the e’Bosch Heritage Project as a board member.

Johann Murray 
Chairperson e’Bosch Heritage Festival Organising Committee

In April 2010, Bianca took it upon her to organise the first School Choir Festival of the Stellenbosch Heritage Project. This daunting task required initial contact with 30 primary and 12 secondary schools along with continuous interaction with the choir leaders and 800 learners from the 16 participating schools.

Assisted by a small team of student volunteers and volunteers from the Stellenbosch Heritage Project Team, she inspired, coordinated, and led an event which in the words of the late Rector of Stellenbosch University, Professor Russel Botman, “took the building of unity in Stellenbosch 10 years forward”.

In addition to the challenging task of planning and managing the complex logistics to stage an event where euphonious music was performed by combined choirs, she also had to facilitate the process of reconciliation and working together in the face of the hurt caused and still felt due to the wrongs of the past. These came to the fore in real terms, and had to be worked through.

Based on the foundations laid and standards set by Bianca and her team, the School
Choir Festival has grown to become the flagship project of the current e’Bosch
Heritage Project.

Our sincere appreciation for Bianca’s leadership and organisational and inter-personal skills and her spiritual strength accompanies our best wishes for her future career and endeavors.

The School Choir Festival enjoyed lots of media attention. Here are a few of the newspaper articles.

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Dr Sias Mostert 
Executive Chairman SCS Aerospace Group 
e'Bosch Executive Committee & Convener SA Leadership Network

Bianca is a thoughtful champion for the advancement of human development individually and in communities, across a wide range of circumstances.

Participants at the SA Leadership network held on 26 May 2018

She is very effective in managing the particular challenge of aligning interests across a very wide sector of society. The results from the early Heritage Day Mass Choir Coordination that was done for the first time in 2012, laid the foundation for continued further success.  As a member of the organising committee of the South African Leadership Network, Bianca has demonstrated that she can manage and mobilise participation in critical dialogues about key issues in South Africa.